Major Announcement


Big News Day

GadgetWide is proud to announce the second series of news to come across the pipeline. We have made some changes that are going to be exciting for all of us, GadgetWide is dedicated to providing solutions to the big problems of technology. With that GadgetWide is proud to announce the RC 1 completion of  GadgetWide Cloud Control and is ready to launch version 1.2.7 within the next 10-12 business days. With the introduction of our updated solution we want to make GadgetWide the one stop source for all of your mobile tech needs. Starting today many changes will be made to GadgetWide, these changes will only make things easier for all of us.

Without getting into detail I am going to list the major changes to take effect immediately.

  • Distribution channels will be geared in motion to launch Cloud Control 1.2.7
  • Cellular Unlocking Services will start being implemented
  • Universal FREE Apple UDID Registration service will be put into effect
  • Expansion of our solutions and tools are now starting
  • We are in the final launch stages of GadgetWide Cellular  (More on this shortly)
  • We are unilaterally in the last stages of financial cooperation to provide EVERYONE financing for the phone of their choice,  regardless of credit.

More information will be made available shortly.



iCloud Bypass Work-Around


GadgetWide Bypass Fix

People of the community there is a few methods discovered to get your GadgetWide application to start working properly follow all the steps I mentioned below and you should be okay.

On some iOS devices, “Sign in to iCloud” message keeps occurring however iTunes shows its unlocked which is really annoying. Well after playing around in this trouble much, it looks certainly that the problem is with Wi-fi internet or firmware was upgraded through iDevice itself instead update/restore through iTunes.

If you are not connected to Wi-fi, if your iOS device has trouble connecting over the internet or if there’s something else blocking your device from connecting to a Wi-fi network, this “Sign in to iCloud” loop will happen on your iDevice but your iTunes will show it unlocked.

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