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iCloud Threat Alerts

iCloud Alerts report on the latest and most critical iCloud threats that may effect you. You can always use this resource as a reference it in time of need.

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China iCloud Hacks

iCloud.com reportedly under attack in China iCloud.com seems to have been added to a group of websites and services under attack in China. A new report indicates that users attempting to log in to iCloud.com from an insecure browser that...

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Fix Hotspot in iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite

Setup Instant Hotspot Before beginning, remember that you must be running OS X Yosemite on your Mac and iOS 8.1 or newer on your iOS devices in order for Instant Hotspot to work. 1. Ensure your device is compatible with...

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Free-up iCloud Storage on iPhone

How to free up storage space on your iPhone or iPad with iCloud Photo Library iCloud Photo Library, part of Apple’s iCloud service, now gives you a more convenient way to organize and store all your photos and videos across...


All Time High for Apple Stock

Apple stock closes at all time high as company aims for future growth Apple’s shares have only appreciated 6.7 percent over the past two years since reaching a high point in September 2012, despite a series of record quarters, double...

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Fix iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Dropped Calls

How to fix dropped call issues on your AT&T iPhone 6 or 6 Plus If you’ve got an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus running on AT&T, you may be experiencing more dropped calls that normal, particularly for people in...

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New iPad to Have NFC Chip

New iPad Air|Mini 3 with NFC for Apple Pay in Apps The new iPads lack both supporting logic chips and the antenna required to perform wireless transactions over NFC. This will also prevent merchants from being able to use the...

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Apple Pay: How To Guide

How to set a default payment card with Apple Pay If you’re using Apple Pay on your iPhone or iPad, you may have already realized that you can add multiple cards that you can toggle between when making purchases. Even...

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Turn off Find My iPhone Remotely

How to Remove iCloud Lock from Apple Device If you’re running iOS 7 or higher on your iPhone or iPad, Find My iPhone now comes with a feature called Activation Lock that prevents someone from wiping and using your device...

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Jailbreak iOS 8.X All Devices

Jailbreak the iPhone 6/Plus and all iOS 8 devices You can NOW Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod for iOS 8.x. This can be done using Pangu and is available for download NOW. Pangu is not exactly the ideal tool for consumers and it does not come...

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Safari on Yosemite

Apple Encouraging Users to Try Safari in Yosemite Chrome and Firefox users that install OS X Yosemite are receiving notifications suggesting they give Safari a try. After upgrading to Yosemite, Apple is sending popups that read “Try the new Safari. Fast, energy efficient,...

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All About Apple Pay

 How to set up and troubleshoot Apple Pay Apple Pay is here. The Cupertino company’s official venture into the mobile payments space launched on Monday with dozens of in-store and online partners, and if you have an iPhone 6 or...